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Day 59/365

I really don’t like wearing this kind of shoes. > . <


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Day 58/365

My new evening dress.

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Day 57/365

Macau Plaza

Looking for a dress to wear at Kam’s wedding banquet.

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Day 56/365

In a park

A Path…

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Day 55/365

Reflection of me and the surroundings, at Fortaleza do Monte

I haven’t brought my camera stand with me today, but luckily, there is a friendly tourist from England who passes by and borrows me his small stand to take this picture. Thank You very much, and I hope he enjoys the rest of the trip here in Macau! πŸ™‚

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Day 54/365

At Home

At home, reading “Watch Your Dreams”, by Ann Ree Colton.

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Day 53/365

I’m just wandering around.

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