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Day 361/365

Hot Chocolate

Please allow me to take a break and enjoy this little cup of hot chocolate!

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“Friends are like angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” – Unknown Author 😀

Merry Christmas everyone! ^0^

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Day 344/365

Christmas Party

At the Nintendo DS Group Christmas Party! Can you spot me? @u@

1. All of us have got so many presents! Yey!

2. Playing guessing games.

3. Happy Birthday to December born”ers”.

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Day 334/365

No Patience

My parents can’t wait to start eating. They don’t know they are just ruining my shot! 😀

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Day 330/365


Celebrating the coming of Winter! ^0^ The weather is getting cooler and cooler these days.

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Day 288/365

Fong & Fai Wedding

Two souls connected by one love, our wish for you is eternal love. Congratulations to Lai Mui Fong & Number 2! ^0^

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Day 283/365


I rarely eat noodles for breakfast, and this curry noodles have burned my throat and stomach! >.<

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Day 242/365

Yaohan Supermarket

Let’s have noodles tonight! 😀

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Day 230/365

Coconut Water

Drinking coconut water after the meal. 😀

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Day 225/365

Egg Tart

Tea Time! 😀

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Day 224/365

Snack before dinner

This is a perfect snack before a late evening dinner. ^0^

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Day 219/365

Laurel Group Chinese Restaurant

Having “Dim Sum” at Laurel Chinese Restaurant with uncle and parents. 😀 😀 😀


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Day 208/365

Eating Ice-Cream

On the left, it is home-made coconut ice-cream bought at Hong Xin Hong Heng Cocos, a traditional home-made ice-cream store. On the right, it is vanilla flavor ice-cream bought at Hagen Daz. Which one you prefer? 😀

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Day 183/365

Taiwanese Food Restaurant

Our reflection in the mirror.

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Day 181/365

Nagoyaka Tei

What kind of sushi do you like the most? Salmon sushi is my favorite! 😀

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Day 170/365

Hey! Where’s me? >u< Happy Happy Father’s Day! @u@ Love Love

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Day 150/365

On the street

I haven’t had a proper dinner tonight, and now I’m getting hungry… =.=

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Day 137/365

Sweet Potato Cake

My mom likes making desserts and baking cakes so much! I always find something sweet to eat at home. Today she bakes a potato cake which is very delicious. I can’t resist it and have eaten almost half of it! 😀

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Day 134/365

Some of us have changed their hairstyle! ^0^

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Day 128/365

Happy Mother's Day

I’m really sorry … mom >.<
Err…No problem, I’ll take you get another one! XD

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