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Day 350/365

A Robot

A Robot!

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Day 348.365

Candle Light

Mr. Pale says: “Is this food?… I’m starving!” (x O x)

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Day 347/365

Playing Guitar

I’m learning to play Linkin Park songs on an acoustic guitar. 😀

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Day 335/365


I’m becoming semi transparent!

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Day 329/365

A very shy dog

A cute but very shy dog I met in the footwear shop, who doesn’t want to be caught on camera. The owner of the shop says that her dog never allow people to capture his face on camera, so the chance of taking his picture will be at the time when he falls asleep. 😀

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Day 328/365

Teddy Bear

I want a teddy bear! >u<

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Day 309/365

Sending duckies to swim! XD

Instead of going for a jog at the Guia Hill like I usually do on every Saturday mornings, I come to the beach and relax. Look! I’m sending “duckies” to swim! XD

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Day 304/365

Poor Mr. Pale

Mr. Pale: “I don’t celebrate Halloween. Please, just leave me alone!”

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Day 303/365

Automobile Exposition

We have found something to play with at the Automobile Exposition.

Please let me announce, “The winners of the 58th Macao Formula 3 Grand Prix are…us!” XD

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Day 300/365

The Day 300th

Time passes so fast! I can’t believe that today is already the Day 300th! 😀 Yey!!!

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Day 298/365

My first stuff animal

The little girl in the picture has grown up. 🙂 Do you notice the same puppy in the picture?

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Day 295/365

Hac Sa Beach

Five more days to go, then we’ll reach day 300th! 😀

Day 295/365

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Day 294/365

Mr. Pale got stuck in the middle of the wood

Help! My head is too big to pass through! > u <

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Day 285/365

Stuff Animals

Souvenirs I bought from Singapore. From the left: Tin Tin, Paul Paul, Wing Wing, Ca Ca, Mee Mee, Co Co and Phy Phy.

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Playing Snooker

I have almost forgotten how to play it.

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Day 252/365

Hagen Daz

Let me eat.

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Day 248/365

Linkin Park Concert Tickets

I can’t wait for tomorrow night! 😀 Linkin Park! Linkin Park! Linkin Park!

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Day 245/365

Bread Monster

Bread Monster! > 0 <

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Day 244/365


I find this game “1112” very special.

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Day 237/365

Essential Oils

Do you like the aroma of Mandarin? It has a scent of a fresh sweet orange. 🙂

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