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Day 120/354

Hong Kong Science Museum

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Exhibition is really great! ^0^ If you are one of his fan you can’t miss the exhibition!

Here I list the items you will expect to see in the exhibition:

  1. Person of the Century
  2. The Mirror Hall
  3. Birth and Childhood
  4. Moves to Switzerland
  5. Studies in Zurich
  6. Einstein and Mileva
  7. At the Patent Office
  8. Wonder Year 1905
  9. Speed of Light
  10. Spark Chamber
  11. The Special Theory of Relativity
  12. Becomes Professor
  13. The Principle of Equivalence
  14. The First World War
  15. The Berlin Years
  16. The Nobel Prize
  17. Dictatorship in Germany
  18. Persecution of the Jews
  19. Emigration to the United States
  20. Exile in Princeton
  21. The Second World War
  22. Manhattan Project
  23. The McCarthy Era
  24. Einstein’s Last Years
  25. Relativistic Vision
  26. The Photoelectric Effect
  27. The Brownian Motion
  28. The Virtual Bicycle Ride
  29. E=mc2
  30. Four Predictions
  31. Black Hole
  32. The Cosmological Theatre
  33. “Photoelectric Effect” Computer Game
  34. “The World of Gravity” Computer Game

Also, there was a lecture in the afternoon:

1- Einstein’s Years in Switzerland and Beyond
“The lecture, Professor Hans Rudolf Ott (ETH Zurich), starts with explaining why Einstein, born in Germany, decided to emigrate to Switzerland, then covers his high-school education in Aarau, his studies at the Federal Polytechnical School in Zurich, the difficult transition to professional life and his rescue in Berne. It then describes the life and work of Einstein in Berne, emphasizing the annus mirabilis 1905 and continues with the transition to his academic career in 1909, resulting in 3 professorships in Zurich and Prague over the next 6 years. It describes his main scientific interests during that time, explains why Einstein left Switzerland and reviews his scientific accomplishments in Berlin and his rise to an internationally known figure, an early pop star. It concludes with a brief account of his later years.”

Speaker: Professor Hans Rudolf Ott (ETH Zurich)
Language: English
Date: 30 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm

The exhibition hall is not very big, but big enough to spend the whole day there (if you are one of those who would read every single word and watch all of the videos shown in the exhibition). We had spent more than 6 hours there and still no time to watch the video in the astronomical theater. @0@

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Day 119/365

Neway Karaoke

Happy Birthday to MayMay! ^0^
Wish you have a great night and a happy memory! @u@ Heehee

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Day 118/365

On My Little Bed

Reading Second Chance At Your Dream, by Dorothea Hover-Kramer.

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Day 117/365

In the Old Town

It has been a long day! I miss my bed! >.<

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Day 116/365

My mother hand knit donuts

My mother loves knitting so much! 😀 Here are some donuts for you, for all the Versatile Blogger Winners! XD



I would like to say thank you to Eva (Eva626) who awarded me the “Versatile Blogger Award” on April 15th. I was very happy at the moment when I received the award! Eva owns a blog with title “HereNowNotForever”. I like reading her blog, as her posts (especially, her poems) are so unique and interesting.

I really appreciate the award I received from Eva. Before I’m going to pass it to others, I would like to introduce you the rules and the 7 facts that you didn’t know about me. 😀


If you win this award, you have to pass it on to 15 other “Versatile” bloggers (but there are so many) and contact each of them to let them know they won the award. Also, you have to share 7 facts about yourself, and thank and link the person who gave you the award.


1 – I once believed that penguins can fly. lol 😀

2 – I’m afraid of dogs. (I can’t stay near them)

3 – I keep a dream journal. (I keep it secretly that no one has seen nor read it)

4 – I can’t dance.

5 – When I was a child, I dreamed of growing up to be a mad scientist. ^0^  (Luckily, I’ve changed my mind, otherwise… muahahahhaha) lol

6 – I like Linkin Park! They are just awesome. ^0^ The person I like most in the band is Mike Shinoda! I consider him as my inspiration, light and mentor for life! XD

7 – I’m a travel lover. (I could not imagine what my life would be like without traveling.) @-@


Congratulations to the following winners (the list is in A-Z order):

1 – Altered Expression (http://alteredexpression.wordpress.com/): There are many stunning and vibrant photographs in this blog.

2 – Aveschordata (http://aveschordata.wordpress.com/): This is a blog where Aveschordata freely expresses her thoughts and feelings.

3 – Christine (http://christinepluscamera.com/): I keep track on this blog because I find Christine’s photographs special. They are unique, creative and powerful.

4 – Cocomino (http://cocomino.wordpress.com/): Cocomino writes about his life in Kawagoe. His life journal is very interesting, and it attracts me to keep tracking his each and every single post.

5 – Dare Right (http://goinggoalward.wordpress.com/): I like reading this blog because I find there are many meaningful and thoughtful posts in DareRight’s blog.

6 – Eddakath (http://www.travelpod.com/members/eddakath): Eddakath writes travel blog. His blog contains a lot of adventure and awesome travel experiences. If you like traveling, you can’t miss this blog.

7 – Evelyn (http://evelynsanjaya.wordpress.com/): Evelyn talks about her musing-life which I find it interesting.

8 – Helen (http://helenog.wordpress.com/): Helen takes many photographs. I enjoy visiting her blog because there are many beautiful, creative and romantic photographs in it.

9 – Eva (http://herenownotforever.wordpress.com/): Eva likes food and poem. I like reading her blog, as her posts are so unique and interesting.

10 – Katie (http://katiegou.wordpress.com/): Katie has a wonderful life. She is in Africa now helping others who are in need. I like reading her blog as it is full of joy and inspiration.

11 – Maboadorable (http://maboadorable.wordpress.com/): Although this blog is not written in English, but still I like visiting her blog. I sometimes will go to google transtation and translate her post. XD

12 – Rafael (http://rafaelmeng.blogspot.com/): Rafael likes traveling so much. He has his unique view of taking travel photographs.

13 – Michael ( http://stickinsect.wordpress.com/): Michael writes about many things. I like reading his blog because I always can see new things  from his posts.

14 – Jess (http://superjessleong.wordpress.com/): Jess says: “Out to infect the world with sillyness”. 😀 This is why I like reading her blog everyday. She is happy and always has a good spirit!

15 – Ang (http://xandersmom11.wordpress.com/): Ang talks about her life with her boys. Very interesting blog to read. You’ll be inspired by her each day. 🙂

Many Thanks to everyone who continuously visit and support this blog. 😀 Each and every of your comment means a lot to me! ^0^ Thank You!

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Day 115/365

A-Ma Temple Square

Every year, on the 23rd day of the Third Moon, people celebrate the Goddess of Seafarers (A-Ma), from whom Macau is said to derive its name. Long time ago, the maiden A-Ma ordered the elements to calm down when a storm threatened a boat. Then, the winds abated, saved the fishermen.

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Day 114/365

At Black Sand Beach (Hac Sa Beach, Coloane)

I feel so relaxed! ^-^

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Day 114/365

Praca de Leal Senado

A cute tricycle is parking in the Praca de Leal Senado targetting tourists! XD

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Day 112/365

Se Catedral (Cathedral in Macau)

Easter Event in Macau.

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Day 111/365

Cineteatro Macau

Jess, May, Phy and I are watching Red Riding Hood tonight! I watched the trailer before and it looked like something I would like to watch. 🙂 Medieval time and werewolf are all my favorite! ^0^

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Day 110/365

Leal Senado Square

By coincidence, I met Phyllis tonight and she helps me to take this photograph. XD HeeHee The art installation behind me promotes the latest exhibition which is holding currently in Macao Art Museum. 🙂

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Day 109/365

Little Home

I would like to paint something with a pink color background.

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Day 108/365

Venetian Macau

I don’t know what we are actually doing. >u<

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Day 107/365

Moon Gazing

All I want to show you tonight is the MOON!!! Look up the sky, it’s full moon! 😀

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Day 106/365

Nan Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain Laser Show

This is the Nan Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain Laser Show. Why can’t I hear anything? @0@

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Day 105/365


Yey! We made a 7-point star! 😀

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Day 104/365


“Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)” Exhibition is coming to Hong Kong in April 18th 2011. 🙂

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, the exhibition started its tour in China last year. The first and second stops of the exhibition were in Beijing and Guangzhou. After traveling to these cities, the exhibition will be staging at the Hong Kong Science Museum between April 18th until August 31st.

Here is a brief of the Exhibit Highlights:

The Mirror Hall
Creating a sense of infinite space, the Mirror Hall shows video footage about the life of Einstein.

Private life of the Einstein family
These family pictures of Einstein were taken during his childhood in Munich.

Mirror Galvanometer
An instrument for detecting and measuring electric current. It has a small mirror attached to the moving element and uses a beam of light as an indicating pointer.

Einstein and Mileva Marić
Love letters between Einstein and his wife, Mileva are revealed in this small room.

Wonder Year 1905
In 1905, Einstein published papers on the special theory of relativity, photoelectric effect and Brownian motion.

Einstein’s pocket watch
This pocket watch once belonged to Einstein. He bequeathed it to his son Hans Albert.

Replica of the Nobel Prize diploma and medal
Awarded to Einstein in 1922 on his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

Einstein’s Swiss passport
Einstein acquired this new passport in 1923.

The Photoelectric Effect
This experiment shows that light has the property not only of waves but also of particles.

The Brownian Motion
This exhibit illustrates the random movement of particles suspended in a fluid.

The Virtual Bicycle Ride
If we could travel close to the speed of light, we would see the world in a different way. You can hop on this bicycle and see it for yourself.

Black Hole
Black holes are regions in spacetime with extremely powerful gravitational fields. Here, you can experience what it would be like to be gobbled up by a black hole!

The Cosmological Theatre
Videos on the Sun, galaxies and major events in the history of the universe such as the Big Bang are shown here.

If you would like to know more about this exhibition, please visit the following website:


I’m so excited! I will be there! ^0^

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Day 103/365

Would you like to tell me what do you see in this picture?

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Day 102/365

Watching TV

Watching “Wonders of the Solar System”.

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Day 101/365

With this, I can transfer photos from my digital camera to my Iphone. Then, I can upload higher quality photographs and write post while I’m on the road. 😀

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