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Day 212/365

Taipa Island

Wandering around Taipa Island.

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Day 211/365

Guia Hill Air Raid Shelter Showroom

The Guia Hill Air Raid Shelter Showroom is one of the place people may like to visit in the Guia Hill. As indicated by the plaque on the entrance, this air raid shelter was built in 1931, under the command of a Portuguese second lieutenant, Cunha. This tunnel in front of me is the shortest in length among the three main underground passages located in the hill. It measures only 52 m long. Inside this tunnel there are historical photos and an old power generator.

Years ago, the length of the passage available for public visit was longer, but unluckily, due to some maintenance issue, some of the passages inside this tunnel were closed.

Other sets of underground passages, which are 456m and 207m in length respectively. They were equipped with storage rooms, as well as ammunition depot with its own pulley system to transport weapons.

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Day 210/365


Making cookies! 😀

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Day 209/365

Leal Senado Square, Heavy Rain Is Coming

I see lightning with my naked eyes, but I’m not be able to capture it through my little camera lens. So, I get home immediately, and photoshop it. Hope to reconstruct the picture I’ve just seen. XD

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Day 208/365

Eating Ice-Cream

On the left, it is home-made coconut ice-cream bought at Hong Xin Hong Heng Cocos, a traditional home-made ice-cream store. On the right, it is vanilla flavor ice-cream bought at Hagen Daz. Which one you prefer? 😀

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Day 207/365

Chcken And Egg

I just born!

(My mom handmade stuffed animal)

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Day 206/365

The Sky

Today I fall in love with the sky, which looks absolutely beautiful, at the moment I get off work and look up the sky! 😀

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Day 205/365

Casa da Cheang Mandarin's House

Please come up!

Casa da Cheang Mandarin’s House:

Located near Patio do Lilau and built around 1869, the Mandarin’s House was the residence of Cheng Kuan Ying, one of the nation’s most outstanding political reformers and prominent compradors of the late 19th century.

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Day 204/365

Nan Van Lake

I wish all the lights were turned off, then the stars could be visible.

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Day 203/365

Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, Coloane

Look at the sky! There are one hundred stars being captured by my little camera! (I just had counted them!!) Next time, I have to go to a darker place and set the camera to a longer exposure! 😀

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Day 202/365

Watcing the sunset at the old pier

Enjoying myself at this little wonderful moment of sunset, at the old pier.

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Day 201/365

A world look through a macro lens

What do you see in a tiny drop of water?

P.S.: I just borrowed a macro lens, and it seems so fun to play with! 😀 Thank You Mr. Hey!

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Day 200/365

Day 200th

Yey! Today is the 200th day of 365 days! ^0^ Thank you for all the supports, visits and comments to my blog. Without you all, I can not reach the 200th days with a huge smile! 😀 Millions of thanks to you!!!!!

As a surprise, yesterday I received a gift (a baton:D) from Urutora No Hi, she passed me the gift to create my own “most … post” list. Although I feel that I don’t have enough posts to make that list, but I’m still happy to do it. Here, it’s my “7 Links Meme”:



Day 100/365 -Apr 10th 2011

I consider this post as the most beautiful post I’ve had. The beauty does not lie on the surface of the picture, but comes from the things which are invisible to the eye. Those are perseverance and commitment which have kept me doing it to reach day 100th of 365 days! 😀




Day 7/365 – Jan 7th 2011

The “Site Stats” shows me that this post has the most traffics of all time. I don’t know why, but anyway, this is the data that the system has generated for me.


3. MY MOST CONTROVERSIAL POST – Day 152/365 – Jun 1st 2011

Animal cruelty. A poor penguin is placed inside a car without opening the air conditioner in a very hot summer, and it is sweating!





Day 116/365 – Apr 26th 2011

In this post, I had nominated 15 winners to receive the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. They are: Altered Expression, Aveschordata, Christine, Cocomino, Dare Right, Eddakath, Evelyn, Helen, Eva, Katie, Maboadorable, Rafael, Michael, Jess and Ang.

Congratulations to them! 😀



5. POST WHOSE SUCCESS SURPRISED ME – Day 17/365 – Jan 17th 2011

I was surprised that many people liked that photo.  I added the star map from SkySafari (a planetarium program installed in my Iphone) to the original photo. If the sky was dark enough, we would had seen this magnificent night sky as displayed in the picture. The faint band of light across the sky you see in the picture is the beautiful milky way. I have always wanted to see the milky way with my naked eyes. But here in Macau, light pollution means that I never have a chance.



Day 14/365 – Jan 14th 2011

Ruins of St. Paul is a place full of history and mystery. You can’t miss this interesting place if someday you visit Macau. 😀



Day 1/365 – Jan 1st 2011

This is no doubt the post I’m most proud of. January 1st of 2011 was the first day of 365 days and it was the day when I was sitting at the highest point of Macau! 😀


Now, I would like to invite the other 5 winners to write their own lovely “7 Links Meme”. Hope you enjoy it. 😀






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Day 199/365

A-Ma Temple

Mr. Pale needs some tanning on his skin! XD

At the back:

A-Ma Temple, located in the southeast of the Macau Peninsula, is the oldest temple in Macau. It was built in 1488 to commemorate Goddess Mazu, the sacred sea goddess who blesses the fishermen. It is said that the goddess was called Lin Mo , and she was born in Putian City of Fujian Province. At her young age, she could predict good or bad luck,  and after her death she kept helping merchants and fishermen ward off calamities and turn danger into safety.

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Day 198/365

Jardim de S. Francisco


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Day 197/365

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Wing ~ Wing ~ ^0^

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Day 196/365

MJ Gallery

A visit to MJ Gallery at Ponte 16. It displays a collection of over 40 pieces iconic items in Michael Jackson’s career, including the renowned bling bling glove worn by Michael Jackson during his first Moonwalk performance, crystal socks, fedora hat as well as a series of autograph photos and figures.

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Day 195/365


The moon was supposed to be there!!! A minute ago, the moon was right at the background, but it had disappeared after I took the camera out of my bag!!! > . < I walked away after waiting for over thirty minutes, and then it appeared on the sky again when I was home! 😦 Today just isn’t my day! No luck!

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Day 194/365

A Crowded City

In a crowded city like this

It is hard to find a quiet place to keep my peace

Streets full of people, cars and buildings

All together can form the greatest symphony ever

That no harmony exist


And I find peace is not far away! 😀

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Day 193/365

Max Richter Infra

Tonight I would like to share some beautiful musical compositions with you, which are composed by my favorite post-classical musician – Max Richter!!! Each and every musical composition of him is so distinctive and beautiful. All of them have an unique story to tell. I enjoy all of his albums. His albums are: Memory House, Songs From Before, Blue Notebooks, 24 Postcards in Full Colour, and the latest one is INFRA.

Every time I listen to his music, it will provoke strange but beautiful images in my mind, allowing me to indulge in a world full of emotion, beauty and peace. 😀 I really like his music. I wish to share this beauty and magical moment with you too.





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