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Day 212/365

Taipa Island

Wandering around Taipa Island.


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Day 211/365

Guia Hill Air Raid Shelter Showroom

The Guia Hill Air Raid Shelter Showroom is one of the place people may like to visit in the Guia Hill. As indicated by the plaque on the entrance, this air raid shelter was built in 1931, under the command of a Portuguese second lieutenant, Cunha. This tunnel in front of me is the shortest in length among the three main underground passages located in the hill. It measures only 52 m long. Inside this tunnel there are historical photos and an old power generator.

Years ago, the length of the passage available for public visit was longer, but unluckily, due to some maintenance issue, some of the passages inside this tunnel were closed.

Other sets of underground passages, which are 456m and 207m in length respectively. They were equipped with storage rooms, as well as ammunition depot with its own pulley system to transport weapons.

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Day 210/365


Making cookies! πŸ˜€

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Day 209/365

Leal Senado Square, Heavy Rain Is Coming

I see lightning with my naked eyes, but I’m not be able to capture it through my little camera lens. So, I get home immediately, and photoshop it. Hope to reconstruct the picture I’ve just seen. XD

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Day 208/365

Eating Ice-Cream

On the left, it is home-made coconut ice-cream bought at Hong Xin Hong Heng Cocos, a traditional home-made ice-cream store. On the right, it is vanilla flavor ice-cream bought at Hagen Daz. Which one you prefer? πŸ˜€

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Day 207/365

Chcken And Egg

I just born!

(My mom handmade stuffed animal)

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Day 206/365

The Sky

Today I fall in love with the sky, which looks absolutely beautiful, at the moment I get off work and look up the sky! πŸ˜€

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