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Day 354/365

An Unkonwn Hill next to Penha Hill

…Three…Two…One…Jump! 😀

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Day 363/365

At the Guia Hill

I guess this is one of my final third images of this year. Time flies and now there are only a few more days left to ring in the New Year of 2012! 😀 Yey!

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Day 356/365

Hope & Love

We never know what the future holds for us. Hopefully, let there be love.

Let there be love and hope in the future.

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Day 355/365

Beautiful Sunset

On my way home.

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Day 352/365

Cotton Tree

A cup of mini cotton tree I received at the NDS Group Christmas Party last week. I’m learning how to grow it! Do you have any idea if this cotton tree can be grown in Winter? 😀

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Day 349/365

At the moment of dusk

Let me freeze this moment of dusk! It totally makes me feel nostalgic, and I guess this would be the most melancholy moment of the day. 🙂

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Day 346/365

Abandoned Buildings

I guess we don’t have anything special to do on this Monday evening. We pass by these spooky abandoned buildings and randomly take this photograph.

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Day 337/365


Please accept these white chamomile.

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Day 332/365

Trapped in the Elevator

Have you ever trapped in an elevator? On Saturday evening last week, I was trapped in an elevator alone when leaving a musical center. The elevator seemed fine in the beginning until I found it exceeded the normal door open time. Then, I tried pressing the open door button and other buttons several times, but no signal seemed to be detected. I pushed the alarm button but I couldn’t hear any sound of the alarm. From that moment, I was so scared, really scared. I checked my cell phone. The signal was quite weak, and it wasn’t able to allow me to make clear phone calls. I kept the cell phone near the door. I called the staff at the musical center immediately, telling them I was trapped in the elevator and asked them for help. Then, I was told to press and hold the open door button a bit longer to see if the elevator could detect the signal. I did what she told me to do, but it still didn’t work. I called my friend then, telling her that I might be late for dinner cause I was stuck in the elevator. I called back the staff lady. Telling her that I was still kept in the elevator and hoping that she could send someone to get me out of it (instead of wasting time to press those buttons – I thought in my mind). Then, she told me she was going to send somebody here and asked me to wait until the engineer arrived. I felt insecure. My heart beats increased dramatically. Also, I started to feel difficulty in breathing, as well as wanted to vomit. I wasn’t feeling well. I asked her how long I would be needed to wait until the engineer arrived. She said she wasn’t able to tell me how long it would take. Also, she told me politely that it wasn’t necessary to call her again before the engineer arrived!!! I didn’t know how long it would take. I called my boyfriend then, telling him what happened and he said he was coming to me right away and told me to call the police immediately. I had already being trapped in the elevator for half an hour and the fear I had made me difficult to breathe.

Finally, I came out safely. The engineer got me out, but at the same time, firemen and police all arrived.

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Day 331/365

Autumn Leave

The first autumn leave I found on the ground! 😀

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Day 326/365


…it happens at the same place but different time.

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Day 325/365

Upside Down

Have you ever look at the world upside down? 😀 I can tell you it is really so cool!

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Day 315.365

Today,  2011-11-11, is considered to be a date with a very special meaning. Many couples just get married on this date. They believe that their marriage will be blessed and last forever. Today, also is the Remembrance Day in Canada and in Australia, which commemorates the sacrifices of people in all armed conflicts, also is the Veterans Day in United States, and Singles’ Day (a pop culture holiday) in China.

By coincidence, I saw this video on MikeShinoda‘s blog, and felt deeply touched by the name of the program – “Invisible Wound of War”. Here, in this video, Lisa Ling talks about “Invisible Wound of War”, an episode about veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Day 305/365

Today I’m feeling a little bit drained. It seems that there isn’t enough time to spend and to get everything done in every day. Time is just ticking too fast, that most of us are constantly trying to catch up. Sometimes, it feels like that we have put ourselves loads of work to do, keep busying all day long, and as a result, we miss out so many precious moments with the people who really matter the most to us. Let us just stop, and take some time for your family, friends and loved ones.

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Day 290/365

Paper Aeroplane

Never give up on your dreams. There is always a way to make your dreams a reality.

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Day 289/365

I Love Trees

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed of a tree that was talking to me, and it asked me when it was the last time I spend time in nature.

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Day 282/365

An Old Tree

A connection between me and the sensual old tree around Fortress Hill.

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Day 238/365

Coffee Beans

Thankful for the coffee farmers.

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Day 236/365

Inside And Outside The Mirror

Two separate worlds: Inside And Outside The Window.

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Day 235/365

You See What I See

You See What I See!

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