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Day 327/365


I feel like I’m catching a cold. I heard people say that taking extra zinc supplements, drink apple juice and gargle with a glass of saltwater throughout the day, may help prevent the cold from fully developing. I hope it works. @0@

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Day 318/365

Monday Evening

The moon above the sky had caught my attention!

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Day 314/365


Sunlight after three days of rain. Feeling so refresh! 🙂

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Day 310/365

Green Leaves and Flowers

All the trees everywhere are still green, I wonder if there will be a winter in this year… 😦

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Day 276/365


Trying to build a desk. @0@

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Day 272/365

Typhoon Signal Eight

Typhoon signal number 8. > . <

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Day 264/365

Office Desk

This is my messy office desk at work. The day after tomorrow is my annual leave, and I’m going to Singapore to see Linkin Park live again in the concert at the Formula 1 Grand Prix! 😀 I can’t wait for that day!

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Day 263/365

Alarm Clock

The cruelest moment in the morning! XD

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Day 262/365

Colorful Duckies

What can I do with these little duckies?

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Day 260/365

Tony & Guy

Straightening my hair. 😀

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Day 257/365


Happy Chocolate Turtle Bread! ^.^

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Day 250/365

Shut Down

I’m going to sleep through the day! ( = u =) zzZ

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With only MOP88 per month, anyone can sponsor a cat or a dog at this association, providing the little animal with basic needs and care. AAPAM (Abandoned Animals Protect Association of Macau) needs sponsors in order to cover their operating expenses. Please help them.

Abandoned Animals at AAPAM

The one at the left (in the cage number 70) is my sponsored little animal, and her name is Ocean. 🙂 Sponsors can visit the animal and take their sponsored animal to play in the yard for 15 minutes. I’m still afraid of them, so I guess I need more time before I can take them for a walk 😀

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Day 243/365


I guess it was the watermelon juice on the street that caused me diarrhea. > . <

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Day 241/365


Adorable Little Kitties! XD

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Day 231/365

The Sky

Strange but cute!

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Day 221/365


Ice-Cream Fight! 🙂

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Day 220/365

Making of Strawberry Mousse

Making strawberry mousse cake with my mom at home! 😀 😀 😀

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Day 209/365

Leal Senado Square, Heavy Rain Is Coming

I see lightning with my naked eyes, but I’m not be able to capture it through my little camera lens. So, I get home immediately, and photoshop it. Hope to reconstruct the picture I’ve just seen. XD

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Day 206/365

The Sky

Today I fall in love with the sky, which looks absolutely beautiful, at the moment I get off work and look up the sky! 😀

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