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Day 273/365

Two Violins

My old and new violins.

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Day 272/365

Typhoon Signal Eight

Typhoon signal number 8. > . <

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Playing Snooker

I have almost forgotten how to play it.

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Day 269/365


It is time to go home.

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Day 269/365

Zoological Garden

A visit to Zoological Garden.

Zoological Garden & China Town.

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Day 268/365

Linkin Park Live in Singapore Grand Prix 2011

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns World Tour at Singapore Grand Prix 2011. This is my 5th time to watch Linkin Park live! 😀 I feel so lucky and grateful to watch them live again! I like them so much since 2004. The band has become a part of my life as their songs are amazing which can lift up my spirit and ease my soul. They are the best band ever on earth. Moreover, I would like to say thank you to Mike Shinoda, because he is an inspiration and he has made wonderful impacts on my life. Like, painting and writing musical pieces. 😀

Camera: Canon 500D + EF-S 55-250 mm

Art Science Museum

In the morning, we went to the Art Science Museum to see Van Gogh Alive Exhibition. 😀

Linkin Park Live in Singapore

Linkin Park Live in Singapore

Mike Shinoda

Chester, Phoenix, Brad and Mr. Han

At night, we went to watch Linkin Park Live.

This is the opening:

1st time: 2007 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong

Asia World Arena Hong Kong 2007

2nd time: 2007 Linkin Park at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan

Saitama Super Arena Tokyo 2007

3rd time: 2009 Linkin Park at Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau 2009

4th time: 2011 Linkin Park at Asia World Arena, Hong Kong

Asia World Arena Hong Kong 2011

5th time: 2011 Linkin Park at Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Grand Prix 2011

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Day 267/365

2011 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

The world’s first formula 1 night race was held in Singapore in 2008. This year in 2011 is the fourth year of the event. I’m so happy to be here and this is my first time to watch formula 1 live in street track at night.

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Day 266/365

Packing Up

It’s time to pack up and go! I guess I’m unable to update my photos as usual for about a week. @ u @ I’ll see you all when I get back.

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Day 265/365

Leal Senado Square

Lotus flower on the top of my head. > u <

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Day 264/365

Office Desk

This is my messy office desk at work. The day after tomorrow is my annual leave, and I’m going to Singapore to see Linkin Park live again in the concert at the Formula 1 Grand Prix! 😀 I can’t wait for that day!

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Day 263/365

Alarm Clock

The cruelest moment in the morning! XD

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Day 262/365

Colorful Duckies

What can I do with these little duckies?

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Day 261/365

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my dearest father! 😀

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Day 260/365

Tony & Guy

Straightening my hair. 😀

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Day 259/365


Work finished! 😀

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Day 258/365

Oil Painting

Maybe I could paint something for my father’s birthday. @u@

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Day 257/365


Happy Chocolate Turtle Bread! ^.^

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Day 256/365

Oil Painting

Where is the shop owner? I’m looking for a new painting to decor my bedroom.

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Day 255/365

Nan Van Lake

Fourth round of the fireworks display contest. There are so many people in Nan Van Lake, it is difficult to set up a tripod. ^ . ^

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Day 254/365

Rabbit Paper Lantern

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Eve! 😀

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