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Day 243/365


I guess it was the watermelon juice on the street that caused me diarrhea. > . <


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Day 242/365

Yaohan Supermarket

Let’s have noodles tonight! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Day 241/365


Adorable Little Kitties! XD

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Day 240/365

St. Dominic's Church

Sending prayers to my mother, father, brother, sister, lover, all relatives, friends, flickers, blog buddies and coworkers. Also, to the people who I know and to those who I don’t know. Amen! (= . =)

St. Dominic’s Church: This church was established in 1587 by three Spanish Dominican priests who originally came from Acapulco, in Mexico. It was originally built in wood, hence its naming in Chinese as “Pan Cheong Tong” meaning “Church of Wooden Planks”. This church is connected to the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary. In 1929, this church integrated the worship of Our Lady of Fatima into its religious service, based on the account of the miraculous sighting that three shepherd children witnessed in Fatima, Portugal. After its establishment in Macao, the popular belief of Our Lady of Fatima expanded to Shiu-Hing, Timor, Philippines, Singapore, Malacca and other regions. St. Dominic’s Church maintains the tradition of organizing a procession through the city, held on 13th May every year. The insignia of the Dominicans is displayed on the pediment that crowns the building facade. The building has a typical Basilica plan and presents some Baroqueย  influences in the interior decorative elements. A three-storey high hell tower is located close to the sacristy area, where a small sacred art museum was installed during the restoration works of 1997.

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Day 239/365

Lou Ka Mansion

Lou Ka Mansion: This house built around 1889, was the residence of Lou Ka, a prominent Chinese businessman known for his banking enterprise. His contributions to charity works earned him high respect in the local community and in 1890, he was honored by the King of Portugal. The location of this old house is also a good testimony to the diverse social profile present in the center of the old “Christian City”, where this traditional Chinese residence stands near Senado Square and Cathedral Square. Although the house is typically Chinese in its general architectural structure, the decorative motifs also integrate subtle western and regional influences, including the application of thin films of mother-of-pear as glazing on the windows, integration of western style balustrades and the use of perforated wooden ceilings, similar to those found inside Macao’s churches, a technique that is also related to Macao’s tropical climate.

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Day 238/365

Coffee Beans

Thankful for the coffee farmers.

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Day 237/365

Essential Oils

Do you like the aroma of Mandarin? It has a scent of a fresh sweet orange. ๐Ÿ™‚

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