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Day 90/365

Mobile Public Libray

A Mobile Public Library in Macau 🙂

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Day 89/365

Fallen Leaf

I’m uploading a video to YouTube. The animation of this video is made by Ken, and the music part is composed by myself! We made that in last year, and we hoped to promote environmental consciousness. ^0^

Fallen Leaf:

“The Mother Nature is weeping.

Her eyes will sooner or later run out of tears, wipe us out by drought and fear.

When the last leaf falls, I’m afraid this going to be the beginning of the falling of human civilization.”

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Day 88/365

Kuan Iam Ancient Temple

Kuan Iam Ancient Temple is one of the Three Ancient Temples in Macau, constructed in the Ming Dynasty.


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Day 87/365

Art Base, Denis Murrel Paintings

We are here at Art Base enjoying Denis Murrel’s painting! 🙂

Denis Murrel – Born at Ferntree Gully, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia on 2 March, 1947, Denis Murrell moved to Macau in 1989 and has long regarded himself as a Macau artist. He has been active in art circles in the city since his arrival, participating in many local exhibitions. In 1995, he was the first prize winner in the Western Painting section of the Macau Bienal. In 1996, his painting, ‘Both’, won the Macau Collective Artists’ prize. In 1997, he was awarded the second prize in the Macau Bienal for his painting and received an Honorable Mention for his installation, ‘Tall Poppy’. Denis’ paintings have been exhibited in many countries and his works are included in innumerable private and public collections in Macau and overseas. In 2000, Denis’ painting, ‘Lunar Fantasy’ won a bronze medal at the Forte Cup Twentieth Century Asian Art competition, held in Washington, DC. Denis is currently a painting consultant Estrela do Mar College and has been a member of Circulo dos Amigos da Cultura since 1997.

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Day 86/365

Macau Cultural Centre

Graceful & Elegant—Chan Ngan Nei Piano Recital is holding tonight in the small auditorium of the Macao Cultural Center. The event is sponsored by Instituto Cultural, Fundação Macau, Fundação Henry Fok, and the Macao Cultural Centre. 🙂

Here is an introduction of the young pianist from Macao Pianists Association:

“Young pianist Chan Ngan Nei studies piano performance, music history, aural training, and music theory with Ms. Kam Cheok Weng since 2007. Systematic and comprehensive education had broadened her musical knowledge and improved her performance level remarkably in the past four years. She not only obtained the grade-eight certificate in piano performance, the diploma in piano performance, and the grade-eight certificate in music theory from the Associated Broad of the Royal Schools of Music, but had also participated in important concerts which she earned wide acclaim for her performances. The prizes she won in piano competitions include: third prize for Piano Works by Twentieth-Century Composer (Intermediate Level), third prize for Piano Works by Chinese Composer (Intermediate Level) in the Twenty-Seventh Macao Young Musicians Competition; second prize for Piano Works by Macao Composer in the Twenty-Fifth Macao Young Musicians Competition; second prize for Adolescent Junior Class in the Bach and Liszt Piano Competition of Macao 2007.

The recital features works with different national characteristics, such as the vivid and vigorous Italian Concerto by J.S. Bach; the melancholy “Laments or The Maiden and the Nightingale” by Spanish composer Granados; American composer MacDowell’s finest and most popular work Woodland Sketches; great Austrian composer Schubert’s charming impromptus, and Beethoven’s humorous Sonata Op. 14, No. 2.”

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Day 85/365

Earth Hour

Did you turn your lights off tonight? March 26th is the Earth Hour, a Global Event organized by World Wide Fund for Nature, people across the world will switch off their lights at 8.30pm in their local times in order to raise awareness of the global climate issue.

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Day 84/365


They are having rehearsal for tomorrow’s performance. 🙂

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Day 83/365

LAB 257

I can’t put down this book. LAB 257, written by Michael Christopher Carroll, is a fascinating and informative book which talks about what had happened on Plum Island. Sometimes a scientific truth is far more exciting and interesting than a science fiction. ^0^

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Day 82/365

Pacific Coffee

I don’t drink coffee much since it can keep me awake all night, but sometimes I just can’t resist it! 🙂

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Day 81/365

Cineteatro Macau

We are going to watch “The Rite” tonight. He says it is not horrifying and it won’t scares me at all. I remember the last time I watched a movie like that had made me to sleep with lights on for a week. >.<

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Day 80/365

At Home, Sweet Home

Would you like to listen to the newest musical piece I wrote? 🙂

When Time Falls Asleep:

Love To Remember (This one is still working in progress):

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Day 79/365

Paroquia de S. Lourenco

You’re late! 🙂

P.S. We are here at the Church on a Sunday morning, because he would like to talk to a priest and wish to become a Catholic. @0@

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Day 78/365

Pizza Hut

We are gathering at Pizza Hut! ^0^

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Day 77/365

Cineteatro Macau

Just watched a movie. The Adjustment Bureau talks about fate, love and free will. The story is about the affair between a politician and a ballerina which is affected by mysterious forces that keeps them apart. Sometimes I just wonder do we really have free will to choose our life or life chooses us…

What do you think?

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Day 76/365

I’m taking a break on the roof. =_-

People are going crazy to buy salt today! Some supermarkets and local stores here in Macau have run out of salt as a wave of panic buying spread from the Mainland. =_=

Rumors say that salt with iodine is believed to help protect people from nuclear radiation. I wonder why people believe in these kind of rumors. I would hope people could be a bit more rational and not to just follow “the crowd”.

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Day 75/365

Refund Order

I and my friends had planned to visit South Korea on next week, but I just canceled the trip due to what is happening at the moment in Japan. I think I wouldn’t enjoy the trip that much if I go now. I feel guilty if I were enjoying taking pictures in Seoul while others were still suffering in the earthquake zone. =_=

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Day 74/365

Skin Care

Some of my favorite skin care products.

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DAy 73/365

Pocket Universe

I’m not sure what we are doing here…but I guess I want to introduce you an amazing iphone astronomy application that you can’t miss. 🙂 It is Pocket Universe. A powerful astronomical tool which guides you to view any planets, Messier objects, constellations and bright stars, and the application uses arrows to guide your gaze both on screen and in reality. I’m truly impressed by it and now, I have the whole universe in my pocket! 🙂

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Day 72/365

To be honest, I didn’t actually hit it! 🙂 Heehee

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Day 71/365

Alien Invasion

Today we went to a cinema and watched “World Invasion Battle Los Angeles”. It’s a bad film with poor story line. It adds nothing new to the all to familiar alien invasion.

(A movie scene image is added to the original picture)

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