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Day 181/365

Nagoyaka Tei

What kind of sushi do you like the most? Salmon sushi is my favorite! πŸ˜€


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Day 180/365

At the courtyard of the Cathedral Macau.

Today I met Rafael at the courtyard of the Cathedral Macau, and asked him to help me take this picture. πŸ˜€ Haha! Thank You, Rafael!

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Day 179/365

Me and the Empty Street

I have to walk faster next time, so the camera can’t film me in the picture! XD

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Day 178/365

Second Day, Second Round

I’m the black! Result: Even πŸ˜€

The rules of Chinese Chess, Xiangqi, or Elephant Game, is familiar with Western Chess. Each player controls an army of pieces, moves one piece at a time, and tries to get the opponent’s General piece.


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Day 177/365

Chinese Chess

Playing Chinese Chess “Xiangqi”. πŸ˜€ Result: I lose.

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Day 176/365

Taipa-Houses Museum

One of the Taipa-Houses Museum located in a very peaceful location, in Avenida da Praia in Taipa Village. There are five of them. All of them were constructed in 1920’s.

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Day 175/365

Watercolor Pencils

Dive into your imagination and paint!

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