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Day 284/365

Pink Guitar Amplifier

A very cute pink guitar amplifier I see at the shop! 😀

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Day 273/365

Two Violins

My old and new violins.

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Day 143/365


My new headphones.

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Day 89/365

Fallen Leaf

I’m uploading a video to YouTube. The animation of this video is made by Ken, and the music part is composed by myself! We made that in last year, and we hoped to promote environmental consciousness. ^0^

Fallen Leaf:

“The Mother Nature is weeping.

Her eyes will sooner or later run out of tears, wipe us out by drought and fear.

When the last leaf falls, I’m afraid this going to be the beginning of the falling of human civilization.”

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Day 80/365

At Home, Sweet Home

Would you like to listen to the newest musical piece I wrote? 🙂

When Time Falls Asleep:

Love To Remember (This one is still working in progress):

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Day 40/365

My love song in progress.

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Day 32/365

At Home

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. What would you get your dearest dear on this special day? 🙂 This year, I would write him a musical piece!

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Day 25/365

At Home

I was so appreciated to have received this great pair of headphones from my dearest dear, but this wasn’t something that I’ve wanted! 🙂 I’m going to get my new pair of headphones soon and will return this to him! > u <

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