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Day 31/365

To me, birthdays are perfect chances to express the greatest love to the people you love and care about. Today, I’m invited to join the dinner to celebrate Ken and Kam’s mother’s birthday. I hope this moment of joy will linger some time in their hearts, and the feeling of love they’ve had towards each other can grow stronger and stronger each day. 🙂

Thank You for the dinner!

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Day 30/365

Hac Sa Reservoir Park

Today I brought him here to Hac Sa Reservoir Park to visit my dear uncle who works at the Tea Bar in the park. This is my first time to the reservoir, and I find out this is a very nice place to spend some time. There are pedal boats for hire and walking trails with beautiful scenery around the reservoir.

I would like to say thank you to my uncle! Thank You for being a nice and loving uncle, and being part of my life. 🙂

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Japanese Restaurant

Gathering. ^0^

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Day 28/365


I am so impressed by the song “Enlightenment” from the movie “New Shaolin Temple”. I like the sounds of the temple bell added to the beginning of the song, which are thick and vibrant, they comfort me and make me have an intention to visit a temple.

I’m just sitting here reflecting…

Link to the song: The theme song Enlightenment

Here are the lyrics of the song with poor English translation translated by myself.

放下顛倒夢想  放下雲煙
放下空慾色  放下懸念
多一物  卻添了  太多危險
少一物  貪嗔癡  會少一點
勿生恨  點化虛空的眼
勿生怨  歡喜  不遙遠
纏繞  慾望的思念
心懷懺悔  陪你走好每一天

無量心  生福報  無極限
無極限  生息息  愛相連
悟性  悟覺  悟空  心甘情願
簡簡單單  陪你走好每一天


Put aside down clouds of dreams
Put aside down desire and suspense
More things – More risks
Less things – Less greed
Not to hate – See beyond the eyes
Not to blame – Joy is nearby
Let go thoughts of desire
Good and Evil are crossed in a split second
With no regrets – I walk with you every single day

No comparison – Limits are boundless
No limitation – Eternity – Love connects
(etc…I can’t be able to translate this part XD)
I simply walk with you every single day


I understand
I reflect
Then, I live freely

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Day 27/365


While he is reading a digital book about Organic Farming, I’m reading a book about the mysteries of our deep connection to the intelligent universe in which we live. In the book, “The Human Antenna”, Dr. Robin Kelly presents how our intentions and beliefs play an important role in our well-being. Each and every single thought we have can generate a complex biochemical reaction which stimulates our cells that create a change in our health. So, if you wish for health and wellness, watch your thoughts with care! 🙂

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Day 26/365

Lucky Pocket Money

I’m helping my mother to prepare “Lai See” (gifts of money) to give at Lunar New Year, which starts on next week (next week will be the first day of the first month in Chinese calendar), February 3rd, and ends on February 17th (the 15th day).
Giving gifts of money during Lunar New Year is considered lucky for both the giver and the receiver. The envelopes you see from the picture represent the year of 2011, which is the year of the Rabbit, as red represents good luck and gold represents money and wealth. 🙂

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Day 25/365

At Home

I was so appreciated to have received this great pair of headphones from my dearest dear, but this wasn’t something that I’ve wanted! 🙂 I’m going to get my new pair of headphones soon and will return this to him! > u <

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Day 24/365

Cineteatro Macau

It is time for a break from a long day’s work. Today, we’re watching The Borrower Arrietty (借りぐらしのアリエッティ, Karigurashi no Arrietty), a Japanese animation film produced by Studio Ghibli, at Cineteatro Macau. Phyllis is so busy with her work these days, she arrives late at the cinema, but still willing to pose for me to take this photo. Thank You! XD

I hope this animation film will help her relax a bit! 🙂


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Day 23/365

HKFYG Organic Farm

We’re here at the healthy organic farm in Ho Pui Reservoir, Yuen Long, Hong Kong. There are many different types of vegetables and fruits here. I saw strawberries field, carrots field, and many other types of vegetables that I do like to eat. This farm is just amazing! All people are nice here, and I’d like to say thank you to Mr. Farmer who had taught us some tips about farming at home. ^.^

Getting there: From MTR Central Station to Kam Sheung Road Station. Exit C. Take bus number 71 to Ho Pui Reservoir (HK$4.80) or take a taxi (HK$20). Then, follow the sign to the HKFYG Organic Farm (about 30 minutes of walk). Entrance fee HK$20.00.

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Day 22/365

Fat Siu Lau (Smile Buddha) Restaurant

Happy Happy Birthday To You again! ^0^ Heehee!

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Day 21/365

Happy Birthday To You! ^0^

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Day 20/365

A Shop

I’m thinking about getting a set of camping gear and go camping somewhere where it is very dark that I can see the band of the Milky Way stretches from one horizon to the other.


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Day 19/365

Home, Sweet Home

This is the final modification to the painting. Since I’ve kept posting the painting on the web, it would not hold any surprise or secret for Ken anymore. ^.^

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Day 18/365

Home, Sweet Home

I find it too dark to be a birthday gift, so I’m trying to add more color to the painting.

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Day 17/365

Fortaleza do Monte

I added the star map from SkySafari (a planetarium program installed in my Iphone) to the original photo. If the sky was dark enough, we would had seen this magnificent night sky as displayed in the picture. The faint band of light across the sky you see in the picture is the beautiful milky way. I have always wanted to see the milky way with my naked eyes. But here in Macau, light pollution means that I never have a chance.

If you can see the milky way when you look up at the sky, please let me know where the place is, someday in the future I will go there.

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Day 16/365

My mother is not feeling well today, woke up this morning feeling dizzy. I went to hospital with her to see a doctor, but the doctor didn’t know what caused her dizziness. ~_~

Hope she is well.

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At Mazu Goddess

Mazu Goddess

Just being crazy! ^.^

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Day 14/365

Ruins St. Paul

Hi Hi! I’m taking my sweet sweet cousin to Ruins St. Paul, and today I learn that she likes panda! XD I’m going to get her one! ^.^ Shhhhhhhhhh

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Day 13/365

At Home, Sweet Home ^.^

I have nothing to say about that. > . <
It doesn’t look the way I want.
I would like to ask you a question, “What do you see in the picture?” XD

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Day 12/365

At Home

I’m preparing a birthday gift for Ken. This is my first attempt at oil painting. Let’s see how it goes! XD

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