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Day 151/365

Time Never Stood Still

A printmaking I made years ago, and this suddenly reminds me of my teacher Anita.

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Day 150/365

On the street

I haven’t had a proper dinner tonight, and now I’m getting hungry… =.=

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Day 149/365

Backyard of Ruins St. Paul

I haven’t played any game that makes me feel that much like HEAVY RAIN does. As soon as I watched a couple of videos of Heavy Rain on YouTube I was dying to play the game. Not only the graphics and the music are beautiful, but the feeling and emotion that the story of the game provides to the audience. I felt completely emotionally drained at the scene when Jason, Ethan’s son, died after hit by a car on the road, and that was just happened in the beginning of the story. This game was released in a year ago, but I had never noticed it until recently. 🙂 This game uses a real life story and it’s quite like a video game which was designed to make people to feel. I think it’s amazing, and if you would like to know more about the story of the game, here is a link to the story (part 1/50 something) of Heavy Rain. You can follow the video tracks, one by one, until to the ending of the story.

The story begins…

At Jason’s birthday, his brother Shaun finds his little bird has dead.

Jason hit by a car. 😦

Two years later…

In the new apartment with his son Shaun …

The origami killer.

Introducing a new character, Detective Shelby

Crime scene 1

Crime scene 2

Father and son at the park…

To be continued…

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Day 148/365

Macao Science Center

We are rebuilding the bridge at Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Exhibition! @u@

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Day 147/365

Backstreet Around Hodong Library

A tree grows out of my head!!! XD

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Day 146/365

At the Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro

A mosquito bit me!

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Day 145/365


Today I found the oldest game system I’ve ever had in my house! >u< (Look at it at the right top corner)

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Day 144/365

Jardim de S. Francisco

Can you see the Wallace Fountain? 😀 Heehee It is right at the background behind the ground lamp and the pink matter in the middle of the picture. The Wallace Fountain in Macau, known as “和麗女神噴泉” in Chinese and “A Fonte Wallace” in Portuguese. It was set up in 2004.

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Day 143/365


My new headphones.

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Day 142/365


It rained all day today. > . <

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Day 141/365

What would you wear on rainy days? @0@

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Day 140/365

Sai Van Lake

This is a nice place to talk, to relax and to share thoughts with each other. ^0^

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Day 139/365

At Yaohan

I’m looking for a psp game “Assassin’s Creed”… but can’t find it! =0=

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Day 138/365

Different Way of Entertainment

While she is playing with her Iphone, I’m … dreaming… = u =

I have to say thank you to Branco, who we met by coincidence at the entrance of this building near Ruins of St. Paul, for helping us to take this photograph! XD

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Day 137/365

Sweet Potato Cake

My mom likes making desserts and baking cakes so much! I always find something sweet to eat at home. Today she bakes a potato cake which is very delicious. I can’t resist it and have eaten almost half of it! 😀

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Rainy Night

Leal Senado Square

Rainy Night.

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Day 135/365

Encounters: St. Paul’s Ruins Audiovisual Mapping

The Macao Arts Festival (MAF) is an annual event held in Macao during the month of May, which consistently enriches the cultural and artistic life of residents as well as visitors. Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, this year under the slogan ‘Enjoy Life through Art’, the MAF actively promotes the arts and artistic education, in an effort to encourage residents to engage in artistic activities and welcome the arts into their daily lives…

The show is really awesome!!!! 😀 I’d like to watch it again!!!

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Day 134/365

Some of us have changed their hairstyle! ^0^

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Day 133/365

Today is the 13th of May, day of the Procession of Our Lady of Fátima.

The event commemorates the miracle of the appearance of Virgin Mary to three young children in a Portuguese rural village of Fátima in Portugal in 1917. The Procession of  Our Lady of Fátima begins at S. Domingos Church and ends at the Penha Chapel atop Penha Hill. The Chapel far away with bright light is the Penha Chapel. I’m a bit too late to join the procession… > . <

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Day 132/365

Sai Van Bridge

There are three bridges in Macau city.

The oldest one is the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, also known as the Macau-Taipa Bridge, which is a dual-lane two-way bridge connecting Macau Peninsula and the island of Taipa. Opened to traffic in 1974.

The second one is the Bridge of Friendship, also known as the New Macau-Taipa Bridge, it is a four-lane, two-way bridge which connects Macau Peninsula near the Reservoir and Taipa Island at Pac On. Opened to traffic in 1994.

The third one, the newest one, is the Sai Van Bridge. The bridge connects Macau Peninsula and Taipa. It features a double-deck design, with an enclosed lower deck to be used in the event of strong typhoons when the other two bridges are closed. Space is also reserved in the lower deck for a rail-link in the future. Opened to traffic in 2004.

The bridge in this photo is the Sai Van Bridge. 😀

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