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Day 151/365

Time Never Stood Still

A printmaking I made years ago, and this suddenly reminds me of my teacher Anita.


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Day 150/365

On the street

I haven’t had a proper dinner tonight, and now I’m getting hungry… =.=

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Day 149/365

Backyard of Ruins St. Paul

I haven’t played any game that makes me feel that much like HEAVY RAIN does. As soon as I watched a couple of videos of Heavy Rain on YouTube I was dying to play the game. Not only the graphics and the music are beautiful, but the feeling and emotion that the story of the game provides to the audience. I felt completely emotionally drained at the scene when Jason, Ethan’s son, died after hit by a car on the road, and that was just happened in the beginning of the story. This game was released in a year ago, but I had never noticed it until recently. πŸ™‚ This game uses a real life story and it’s quite like a video game which was designed to make people to feel. I think it’s amazing, and if you would like to know more about the story of the game, here is a link to the story (part 1/50 something) of Heavy Rain. You can follow the video tracks, one by one, until to the ending of the story.

The story begins…

At Jason’s birthday, his brother Shaun finds his little bird has dead.

Jason hit by a car. 😦

Two years later…

In the new apartment with his son Shaun …

The origami killer.

Introducing a new character, Detective Shelby

Crime scene 1

Crime scene 2

Father and son at the park…

To be continued…

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Day 148/365

Macao Science Center

We are rebuilding the bridge at Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Exhibition! @u@

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Day 147/365

Backstreet Around Hodong Library

A tree grows out of my head!!! XD

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Day 146/365

At the Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro

A mosquito bit me!

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Day 145/365


Today I found the oldest game system I’ve ever had in my house! >u< (Look at it at the right top corner)

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