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Day 301

Apple of my eye

The movie is starting, better to put the camera back in my bag otherwise I will be caught. 🙂 We are watching a recently-popular Taiwanese movie “Apple of My Eye” (那些年,我們一起追的女孩!) The movie is based on a novel, “You Are the Apple of My Eyes”, written by Giddens Ko’s (九把刀), it tells the story of five guys, including the writer, who strived to win over the heart of a classmate Shen Chia Yi (沈佳宜), which had successfully imprinted onto the hearts of many Taiwanese teenagers.

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Day 297/365

Watching "Spy Kids - All The Time In The World in 4D"

We’ve never liked watching Spy Kids. Never! We are watching it because this is the first 4D movie available in the cinema of Cineteatro. XD

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Day 274/365

Movie "1911"

Watching “1911”, also known as “Xinhai Revolution”. It is a historical drama film, and the film is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. Also, it is Jackie Chan’s 100th film in his career. @ 0 @

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Day 227/365

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Watching “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”.

Photoshop: (one shot before the movie started + poster) @0@

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Day 217/365

This is a temple outside the cinema “Wing Lok”. The cinema was built in 1952, located at Estrada do Repouso. Now, they are showing the movie 武俠 Swordmen (Wu Xia) in the cinema. 😀

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Day 154/365

Macau Tower Cinema

The X-Men film series is one of my favorite movie series of all time! I guess the reason why I like watching it, it is because the X-Men have supernatural powers that other ordinary people don’t have them! 🙂 When I was a kid, I wished I had the supernatural power that allowed me to take a glimpse at the future and at the past!  XD How about you?

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Day 111/365

Cineteatro Macau

Jess, May, Phy and I are watching Red Riding Hood tonight! I watched the trailer before and it looked like something I would like to watch. 🙂 Medieval time and werewolf are all my favorite! ^0^

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Day 81/365

Cineteatro Macau

We are going to watch “The Rite” tonight. He says it is not horrifying and it won’t scares me at all. I remember the last time I watched a movie like that had made me to sleep with lights on for a week. >.<

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Day 77/365

Cineteatro Macau

Just watched a movie. The Adjustment Bureau talks about fate, love and free will. The story is about the affair between a politician and a ballerina which is affected by mysterious forces that keeps them apart. Sometimes I just wonder do we really have free will to choose our life or life chooses us…

What do you think?

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Day 71/365

Alien Invasion

Today we went to a cinema and watched “World Invasion Battle Los Angeles”. It’s a bad film with poor story line. It adds nothing new to the all to familiar alien invasion.

(A movie scene image is added to the original picture)

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Day 49/365

Cineteatro de Macau

The movie Hereafter explores the subject of death and afterlife, and the greatest unanswered metaphysical question of all time – “What happens to us after we die?”. It has three unconnected stories in the beginning, then fate has brought the three main characters of the stories together at the end. I’ve been expecting to watch this movie since I first watched the movie trailer in few months ago . 🙂


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Day 28/365


I am so impressed by the song “Enlightenment” from the movie “New Shaolin Temple”. I like the sounds of the temple bell added to the beginning of the song, which are thick and vibrant, they comfort me and make me have an intention to visit a temple.

I’m just sitting here reflecting…

Link to the song: The theme song Enlightenment

Here are the lyrics of the song with poor English translation translated by myself.

放下顛倒夢想  放下雲煙
放下空慾色  放下懸念
多一物  卻添了  太多危險
少一物  貪嗔癡  會少一點
勿生恨  點化虛空的眼
勿生怨  歡喜  不遙遠
纏繞  慾望的思念
心懷懺悔  陪你走好每一天

無量心  生福報  無極限
無極限  生息息  愛相連
悟性  悟覺  悟空  心甘情願
簡簡單單  陪你走好每一天


Put aside down clouds of dreams
Put aside down desire and suspense
More things – More risks
Less things – Less greed
Not to hate – See beyond the eyes
Not to blame – Joy is nearby
Let go thoughts of desire
Good and Evil are crossed in a split second
With no regrets – I walk with you every single day

No comparison – Limits are boundless
No limitation – Eternity – Love connects
(etc…I can’t be able to translate this part XD)
I simply walk with you every single day


I understand
I reflect
Then, I live freely

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Day 24/365

Cineteatro Macau

It is time for a break from a long day’s work. Today, we’re watching The Borrower Arrietty (借りぐらしのアリエッティ, Karigurashi no Arrietty), a Japanese animation film produced by Studio Ghibli, at Cineteatro Macau. Phyllis is so busy with her work these days, she arrives late at the cinema, but still willing to pose for me to take this photo. Thank You! XD

I hope this animation film will help her relax a bit! 🙂


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