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Day 301

Apple of my eye

The movie is starting, better to put the camera back in my bag otherwise I will be caught. 🙂 We are watching a recently-popular Taiwanese movie “Apple of My Eye” (那些年,我們一起追的女孩!) The movie is based on a novel, “You Are the Apple of My Eyes”, written by Giddens Ko’s (九把刀), it tells the story of five guys, including the writer, who strived to win over the heart of a classmate Shen Chia Yi (沈佳宜), which had successfully imprinted onto the hearts of many Taiwanese teenagers.


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Day 297/365

Watching "Spy Kids - All The Time In The World in 4D"

We’ve never liked watching Spy Kids. Never! We are watching it because this is the first 4D movie available in the cinema of Cineteatro. XD

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Day 274/365

Movie "1911"

Watching “1911”, also known as “Xinhai Revolution”. It is a historical drama film, and the film is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. Also, it is Jackie Chan’s 100th film in his career. @ 0 @

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Day 227/365

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Watching “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”.

Photoshop: (one shot before the movie started + poster) @0@

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Day 217/365

This is a temple outside the cinema “Wing Lok”. The cinema was built in 1952, located at Estrada do Repouso. Now, they are showing the movie 武俠 Swordmen (Wu Xia) in the cinema. 😀

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Day 154/365

Macau Tower Cinema

The X-Men film series is one of my favorite movie series of all time! I guess the reason why I like watching it, it is because the X-Men have supernatural powers that other ordinary people don’t have them! 🙂 When I was a kid, I wished I had the supernatural power that allowed me to take a glimpse at the future and at the past!  XD How about you?

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Day 111/365

Cineteatro Macau

Jess, May, Phy and I are watching Red Riding Hood tonight! I watched the trailer before and it looked like something I would like to watch. 🙂 Medieval time and werewolf are all my favorite! ^0^

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