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Day 351/365

Thank You For My Belated Birthday Dinner! ^0^

Thank you so much babies for the dinner and the presents! 😀 😀 😀 I love you babies!!! I had a great night!

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Day 341/365

Happy Birthday To Me! ^^

Oh My God! A piggy cake for me! 😀 Thanks Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday To Me! ^^

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Day 339/365

Happy Birthday To Me! ^^

What a surprise! I didn’t expect to celebrate my birthday tonight! It’s a little bit early!

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Day 291/365

Happy Birthday to Big Tree

Happy Birthday To Big Tree! ^0^

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Day 280/365

Pauline Birthday

Happy Birthday to Pauline! ^0^

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Day 261/365

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my dearest father! 😀

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Day 197/365

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Wing ~ Wing ~ ^0^

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Day 161/365

Singing Bean Restaurant

Happy Birthday to you!!!! ^0^ May you have a wonderful evening. Wish you all the best and dreams come true!

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Day 160/365

A Boutique

I’m looking for a birthday present to gift my friend tomorrow. Hmmm…I don’t think she would like this dress…
(put it back and looks for something else.) 😀

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Day 119/365

Neway Karaoke

Happy Birthday to MayMay! ^0^
Wish you have a great night and a happy memory! @u@ Heehee

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Day 92/365

Anna & Wing's apartment

At Anna & Wing’s apartment celebrating Anna’s birthday! ^0^
Happy Birthday, Anna!

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Day 63/365

Belcancao, Four Seasons Hotel

Happy Birthday to my dearest mother! ^0^ I love you, mom!

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Day 31/365

To me, birthdays are perfect chances to express the greatest love to the people you love and care about. Today, I’m invited to join the dinner to celebrate Ken and Kam’s mother’s birthday. I hope this moment of joy will linger some time in their hearts, and the feeling of love they’ve had towards each other can grow stronger and stronger each day. 🙂

Thank You for the dinner!

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Japanese Restaurant

Gathering. ^0^

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Day 22/365

Fat Siu Lau (Smile Buddha) Restaurant

Happy Happy Birthday To You again! ^0^ Heehee!

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Day 21/365

Happy Birthday To You! ^0^

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